43 year Old Bimbo Akintola Cries Out for Husband Scarcity, Now Desperate For Marriage?

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News reaching us from a grapevine alleged that sultry Nollywood actress, Bimbo Akintola is lamenting the scarcity of a good ‘husband material’ approaching her for marriage. The tale-bearer squealed to us that the talented actress-cum-TV presenter is now allegedly desperate to get married and be called a Mrs.

“Bimbo is seriously lamenting that she is yet to be married at this moment,” the gossip told us.

When asked if the actress is presently not in a relationship, the rumour-monger told us that “Bimbo is in a relationship, but she feels the guy might not eventually take her to the altar, just like the others.”

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The tale-bearer also quipped that Bimbo has been confiding in few of her friends, who have consoled her not to worry herself much about it. “They have told her to cheer up and never let that disturb her career and happiness,” the grapevine informed us. “Her close confidants try as much as possible to cheer her up,” we were told.

Before going to press, we where unable to speak with Bimbo Akintola on this gist.

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