If You Have To Do These 7 Things, He’s SO Not The One

Too many of us follow preconceived Hollywood notions about romance. We think love is some big drama filled with ups and downs and unreturned text messages and constant anxiety.

We think if we aren’t crying over him every night, it’s not right. We think if love doesn’t come with grand gestures and hot s*x scenes, it’s not right.

I can’t give you an exact recipe or checklist to know if you’ve found the one, but there are some signs when you definitely haven’t. Because here’s the first thing about people who speculate when they’ve met the one: If you have to wonder, that person isn’t the one.

The one you’re meant to be with is the one who alleviates all your questions and anxieties.

While every relationship is as different as every love, there are something things that never have to be done in a loving relationship. If you find yourself doing any of these seven things, you’re not with the right one.

1. Chase him.

Movies have it all wrong. They depict grand love with grand obsession. They depict it with years of pining and obsessing. They make it seem like it’s not worth it if it’s not any work.

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