79year-old Man Arrested for Killing his 73-year-old wife and Eat her Arm

A frail 79-year-old man who recently emigrated from China pleaded not guilty yesterday in the brutal slaying of his elderly wife.On Thursday, police in the quiet New England town of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts found Jieming Liu in a rocking chair ‘covered in blood’ on his hands, mouth, and face in his modest condominium.

According to police, his 73-year-old wife, Yuee Zhou, was found in a rear bedroom with severe injuries to her arm, lying in a pool of blood.

Liu’s son told police that his father – who is only 5ft2 and 75 pounds – had no idea of what he was doing at the time, and kept repeating: ‘This is not your mother.’

At the arraignment yesterday in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, Assistant District Attorney Michael D. McHugh told the court that police were notified around 4:30pm Thursday that a woman was not breathing.

When officers arrived to the condo, he said, officers found Liu drenched in blood and surrounded by pieces of his wife’s flesh.Worcester District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr. also said that Zhou was missing most of the flesh on her badly-mutilated left arm. Police also found a few fingers scattered around the condo.

Mr Early called it a ‘very gruesome scene. A very tough scene’ it’s a very disturbing scene,’ telegram.com reported.

According to the DA, Liu claimed that he was acting in self-defence.His attorney, public defender Michael Hussey, told the court that he may be suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia.

He said: ‘Mr Liu doesn’t seem to have any recognition for what is going on here. He’s completely befuddled, I don’t even think that he has a good understanding that police brought him here and for what reason.’

According to the Boston Herald, Liu was sent to Bridgewater State Hospital for psychiatric evaluation.Mr Early told telegram.com that the couple had moved to the suburban New England town last year from China’s Hunan Province, and had been married for about 50 years.

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Their son, 51, said he checked on them every day, and said he brought them to the U.S. so that they could receive better care, according to Mr Hussey. They also have a daughter in San Francisco. Liu is next due in court May 14th. Shrewsbury is about 50 miles west of Boston. The quiet New England town has a population of 35,000, according to the 2010 census.

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79year-old Man Arrested for Killing his 73-year-old wife and Eat her Arm

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