An Open Letter to TONTO DIKEH By Igbo Man

letter to tonto dikeh by igbo man

Dear Tonto Dikeh,

I know you feel beautiful this morning! Well, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. For me, you are nowhere near ‘beautiful’. You are just there. But before I tell you what I really want to tell you, I need to tell you something. There is a lady called Adele.

She is a singer. She sings. I need to explain what a singer means, because I understand that you have no brain at all. Because I hate sugar-coating, I am hated by a lot of people. You are just like me too. I will understand when people hate you, but, seriously, if you think Igbo men are nosy, then, you are right. That is your opinion and you must protect it.

I am an Igbo man. I will defend myself right now. Back to Adele. I will tell you everything about this young lady who transformed herself into something very beautiful in the eyes of men.

I also understand that you don’t know her, but it won’t hurt if I tell you about her now. This is what TIME magazine wrote about her few days ago: “As talented and appealing as she is, few could foresee how utterly dominant Adele would be in 2011: in an era where even the highest-tier musical acts can struggle to move records, her sophomore effort, 21, sold 17 million copies worldwide and spent 16 weeks at the top of the Billboard 200 chart, the longest for any record since 1998’s Titanic sound track.

Combined with sales of her previous album, 19, Adele has topped the U.K. charts for 21 weeks — a feat matched only by the bands Oasis and Queen.” Tonto nne m, Adele is 23. You are older. She is not worried about her future. You are. She is focused about her music.

You are worried that no Igbo man will marry you after you’ve created yourself into a bamboo stick. Truth is that I don’t know you personally, but you’ve created a strong mystery around yourself. People see you as a soul from hell.

They say you’ve sold your soul to the devil. Me, I don’t know where the devil lives, but I think you have. You even went ahead to show us tattoos at your back. I just didn’t understand why you did that. As an Igbo man, I will never marry a woman who has shown the entire world ‘my tattoos.’

It is not good. I am an Igbo man, so I will need to know who snapped the picture. Maybe, your secret boyfriend? This is the reason why we are bad, abi? Adele doesn’t go around seeking attention. She doesn’t pay anyone to publish pictures of her tattoos. Who knows? She may just have a lot of them. I haven’t seen them. I have seen yours.

There is nothing wrong in you tattooing your entire body, but what is my business with that? Are you not supposed to be an actress? Of course, I understand that you appear in ”p”  films now? That is good. At least, you are doing what you know best. But to pick on Igbo men? This is very unacceptable.


You insulted a lot of us. This simply shows how unintelligent you are towards anthropology. Men are the same all over the world. Igbo man, Yoruba man, Hausa man. We all treat women in similar ways. We love unconditionally. And we all become nosy when our women start acting like you.

If your father is an Igbo man, dearest Tonto Dikeh, you are a monkey. But I will be sorry if you didn’t say that. I only rely on the media, since I don’t know you personally.

If you didn’t say it, Tonto, I am very sorry. I will publicly apologise. Yet, I believe you did, because you do so many things after marijuana. If it’s not good for your brain, stop smoking. Listen to Adele’s ”Someone Like You” and you will feel good.

I don’t look forward to hearing from you.

Onyeka Nwelue

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  1. Whoever wrote this is an idiot and since man to man is illegal in Nigeria; the police needs to start investigating this fool because I suspect he could be a man lover. what a waste of talent!!!!!

  2. dat guy is a bomb, dat d truth, its really nt fair why a nigeria actress will show her self 2 much jst 2 be popular, its never done. Am an igbo man n i tink dat guy out dere need some credit 4 wat he jst did. D girl is jst notin but a big ass hole i hate her n all i tink she is gud 4 is sex n dats all. Echoes

  3. im gonnna take my time to laugh, well whoever wrote this, why dont you try singing i ur voice ait gonna sound like a retarted monkey ! stop hating guys……. do sumn with ur life !

    1. You are so right dear , real men don’t spend their time hating others only lazy idle men do so !No TIME 4 HATERS!! Grow UP pls !!

  4. Am an igbo lady, wit litle or no knowledge abt igbo stuff, bt d fact is wats wrong is wrong and can never b gud no mater how many applauses …….. Donto dike is prety bt she nids 2 take life slowly…shes just in a worry 2 no where bt a little patient in dis world will b cool

  5. I really love this girl because shes very very brave and Fierce,Nobody is being forced to like her,to watch her films or her music….its that simple

  6. I think this man is very much uncivilized. Tonto is a great actor and doing well in what she does and even if he does not like her, he should keep it to himself. This is really a stupid reaction especially from a man. Not the kind of man I would like to associate with.

    1. D Persn dat wrote dis is nt civilize nd nid 2 grab civilization wit both hands. is he nt aware of d terms ‘individual differences’ abi e bi tonto papaa. it only show dat he is jobless  cos if he is nt he wut hv tym 2 critiz a yung gal dat is makin her moni witut begn u abi if she cover her body u G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡  givam moni. Mind ur biz nd mind u na persn pikinoo nd persn sis nd soon 2 becum persn wife. Stay ur side mak we hear word. 

  7. D Persn dat wrote dis is nt civilize nd nid 2 grab civilization wit both hands. is he nt aware of d terms ‘individual differences’ abi e bi tonto papaa. it only show dat he is jobless  cos if he is nt he wut hv tym 2 critiz a yung gal dat is makin her moni witut begn u abi if she cover her body u G̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡  givam moni. Mind ur biz nd mind u na persn pikinoo nd persn sis nd soon 2 becum persn wife. Stay ur side mak we hear word. 

  8. This is unbelievable, dis man must have been touched by what Tonto must have said. He cannot just wake up and start pouring insults on a known actress. Actions they say begets reactions. My message to Nigerian celebrities is that they should always remember their foundation and background, then apply little humility in their character. If you are too loud, people will and must talk, there is always good yield when people are humble even though you own the earth and have the whole world in your hands, which is not possible, because we have a Creator who Has it all! be who you are, and don’t go extra miles to get attention or steal what you don’t have and can’t keep, do a good job and leave the rest to people who appreciates you to bring you out! 

  9. I hate Tonto and will never hate her cos am a child of God and hating ppl is not a good example of Christ follower. she is a pretty girl but am very sure Tonto needs to accept Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and saviour. that is the only person that has has an unconditional love for u. He will give u peace. and no matter who u are and what u have done or how rotten and dirty u are,He will accept u and make u whole and cleanse u if only you will acceptconfess ur sins and come to embrace Him. all these things are vanity upon vanity. hEaven and earth is real and one day,very soon,the life u lived here on earth will determine where u will go to. serve God with ur body,voice and everytin u have and u will live a peaceful life. Tonto,God loves u and wants u to cast all ur burdens,pains,dissapointments and hurts on Him for He cares. thank u

  10. I dnt hate Tonto Dikeh. tink this thing is cutting off my massages. will never hate Donto Dikeh cos am a child of God

  11. i see y dis broda dey vez and his just like taking the whole matter personal after all na all Igbo men Toton dis… Ok one thing bi say the guy say him go apologies later if Tonto to-up so i think is the best thin una go wait. na sooo

  12. What the guy said about Tonto might be true but remember that the bible say judge not so that u might not be judged. but i like Igbo people for being open. am also an igbo

  13. this is really that advice she supposed to have received in private that she is receiving openly. it is really an advice I hope she adjourn to this beautiful advice gud luck. and thank to my Igbo brother who is bringing you to order

An Open Letter to TONTO DIKEH By Igbo Man

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