My best friend’s lover infected me with HIV

Tell us about yourself…

I grew up in Nairobi on State House Road with my stepparents. Immediately after finishing high school, I was told to vacate the house and start my own life.

How did you get infected with HIV?

A man I was living with infected me. I was introduced to him by my best friend who was dating him. I did not have anywhere to go, so she took me there to work (for him) as a house help.

I was desperate and I needed money. A few months later, he started showing interest in me and I could not say no. Before I knew it, he had broken up with my best friend.

What was your best friend’s reaction?

She told me that I would regret it, but I dismissed it as just jealousy. In retrospect however, I suspect she must have known about his status since their baby died two weeks after birth.

How did you find out your status?

I had applied for a job at a restaurant and they required my health records. I was confident because I thought they were testing for pregnancy or drugs.

Two weeks later, when the tests came back, I was told I was positive. Actually, the doctor just told me that I had Aids and that I only had five years to live. Those days, medication was very expensive.

How did your boyfriend react?

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