Celebrity Inspired Makeup Looks You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less

savannah brinson makeupThink Pink
Savannah Brinson showed off her newly-engaged glow, in a fun fuchsia lipstick at the Remy V New Year’s Eve Dinner in Miami.
Ready…Set…Glow!: With a strong lip color like Savannah’s, it’s so easy to pull off barely-there makeup on the rest of your face. Apply your foundation and start dressing up your eyes with a skin-tone brown shadow. Add a lighter shade under the brows for a bit of highlight then line the lids with a thick eye pencil. Apply mascara then add bronzer to the apples of the cheek. Your last step will be to load on your favorite fuchsia lipstick.


                                                                                  Rose Gold
Rose GoldAt the “Live: At Roseland” special screening, Beyonce glowed in a shimmery rose eyeshadow and matching lip.

Ready…Set…Glow! Once your foundation or powder is set, add a shimmery, bronze shadow to your lids. Go into the crease with a slightly darker shade, and fill in under the brows with a shimmery gold shade. Add black eyeliner and mascara before topping off the look with lipgloss and a bit of blush.




                                                                             Orange Kisses

Jennifer Hudson make upAt a press event for “Good Housekeeping” Jennifer Hudson looked amazing in a sexy, silver shadow and a bright orange lip.

Ready…Set…Glow!: After you’ve set your flawless foundation, you’re going to apply three shades of eyeshadow to get Jennifer’s metallic eyes—silver as a base, gold in the inner corners and dark brown in the crease. Black eyeliner and mascara will come next, followed by application of your vibrant, orange lipstick.



                                                                                      Delicate Touch

Delicate TouchRaven Symone rocked the red carpet in wintergreen eyeshadow at Debbie Allen’s “Hot Chocolate Nutcracker.”

Ready…Set…Glow!: After you’ve applied foundation, coat your eyelids with an eyeshadow base. Use a light silver shadow to all over the lid then go into the crease and outside corner of the lid with a pale green shadow. Add a defined line of black liquid liner to the lashline and add mascara. Light blush and rosy lipgloss complete the look.


By Nicole Marie Melton

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Celebrity Inspired Makeup Looks You Can Do in 10 Minutes or Less

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