CRAZY – Woman Leaves Husband of 19 years for Pet Rats

Chantal Banks

AN animal-lover is so obsessed with her collection of 19 pet rats – she’s left her husband for them after 11 years of marriage.

Chantal Banks has been collecting rodents since she was 16.

The mum of one treats the furry creatures like kids – even nuzzling them up to her face and feeding them crackers out of her mouth.

Chantal opens the doors to her bizarre menagerie during an upcoming episode of US reality show My Crazy Obsession.

She said: “I love rats more than I love people. I can’t live without them.

“My rats don’t judge me. They love me for who they am. When I cry they lick my tears and when they’re hungry I feed them.”Watch the video or continue reading below.

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Her long-suffering son Kevin has had to grow up sharing equal footing with the animals – admitting on the show: “‘Growing up, my siblings were rats.”

But her husband Chester isn’t as tolerant of her obsession.

She wants to get MORE rats – but he’s refusing to help her care for them.

The pair have rowed so much about rats, Chantal has moved out of the marital home so she can focus on her pets.

She explained: “My husband didn’t want to take care of my rats anymore.”

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