It Doesnt Make Sense To Carry A Gucci Bag Because Kim Kardashian Has It – Queen Nwokoye

queen-nwoko1Queen Nwokoye has had more than a steady run in the movie industry since she joined in 2004.

She might not have been as prominent as expected in the beginning, however, Queen has continued to reign over the Nigerian home video and has remained relevant ahead of her peers by sustaining her relevance with hard work and a talent that can’t be overlooked.

Speaking with Broadway Africa TV on why she never gave up even when odds were against her, Nwokoye said, “What brought me and what has kept me is my passion for the job.

Money is good, the attention is good but I stayed because of the passion I have for it. It is a bit frustrating when you are doing something and it is like you are not being appreciated for it or recognised for it but the passion surpassed it, so I stayed. The rest is history.”

Having seen large numbers of actors and actresses who seem to reach a period of bankruptcy due to their extravagant lifestyle, Queen believes that some actors do not turn out that way because of their lifestyle but get into trouble for trying to live up to false expectations from their fans.

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