Gifts Your Husband Wants This Valentine

He wants you to do something he loves, even if you don’t (because he loves you most of all). Find a way to hit up a football game or go camping, even if those aren’t at the top of your to-do list.

5. To be prepared

One of a woman’s greatest needs is to feel protected. Likewise, one of your man’s greatest needs is to feel secure. Give him that security with things that will help him feel prepared in dire circumstances like a first aid kit or an emergency generator.

6. His own space

Carve out a place in the house, garage or backyard for your husband that can be all his. He wants space to work, explore his hobbies or have a moment to himself.

7. Food

Best of all is a home-cooked meal, but he’d also love food he can take with him and prepare without any effort.

8. To learn something

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