Sugar Daddy Palava – Girl Stabs Elder Sister to Death

girls stabs elder sister to deathThis is one act of stupidity that gets one more confused about the goings on in Nigerian communities today.

Values have indeed been thrown to the dogs by many young ladies.

Life in Nigeria is fast approach a state of nobody send anybody, everybody on you own. Sad indeed! This unfortunate incident took many residents of the oil rich city of Warri, Delta State, by surprise. In fact, some close relatives of the family involved are still in a state of utter disbelief.

The incident is about how the daughter of a top official of a government agency in the…

South-South state killed her elder sister over a ‘money miss road man’, otherwise known as ‘sugar daddy’.

It was learnt that the lady, simply identified as Cecilia was killed by her younger sister [name withheld] during a conflict over who should leave the so called sugar daddy for the other. By the way, I hear the guy in the middle works with a multinational oil giant in the area.

The shameful incident which occurred at Cemetery Road area of the oil city has thrown the family into a deep state of mourning.

The story goes thus: the younger sister, a third year student in the university, discovered that her elder sister was having a relationship with the same guys she’s going out with, who, according to sources, already has two wives.

This discovery and subsequent questioning of her elder sister resulted in a fierce fight during which, in the usual Warri style, all forms of dangerous weapons were freely used by the duo.

Before neighbours could separate them, the elder sister was fatally stabbed by her younger sister, resulting in her death.

At the moment, the younger sister is cooling off in police cell. But the family is said to be pleading with the police authorities for out of court settlement of the matter, so as not to lose their 2 daughters. If she’s dragged to court by the state, the younger sister risks been sentenced for murder… Hmm, things are really happening!

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Sugar Daddy Palava – Girl Stabs Elder Sister to Death

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