Help – My in-law always accuse me of infidelity

A woman, Tosin Adeniran, had sued for a divorce at the Ile Tuntun Magistrates Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, on the account that her husband was irresponsible, neglected her and their three-year-old baby and smoked Indian hemp. She also sought for the custody of her baby who was in her mother in-law’s care.

“My husband without mincing words is irresponsible and his parents have not helped matters because they are always in his support. Our home is always on fire and I have lost my peace,” Tosin told the court.

“My husband works in Lagos and comes home at weekends. When he’s leaving for Lagos, he will leave just N500 as two weeks feeding allowance for me and our baby.

“When I complained to him, he got angry and beat the hell out of me. I went to report him to my mother in-law since we were living in my husband’s family house. But instead of speaking to her son, she told me that since my parents cook in their house, I should go and eat there. She never ceased to curse my mother whenever we had misunderstanding.

“My husband drinks and also smokes Indian hemp. Whenever he is high, he would start misbehaving, beat me and turn the whole house upside down.

“Due to the hatred my parents-in-law have for me, they told my husband all manner of lies against me, the worst being that I sleep around.

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