Herbalist Arrested With Human Skulls in Ijebu-Ode

man found with human skull in ijebu-odeA 50-year-old herbalist, Felix Ogunbanwo, was on Monday arrested by Ijebu-Ode Obanta Safe and Secure Vigilante Group with two human skulls.

He was nabbed in his room in Irawo-Ijebu near Ijebu-Ode following a tip-off.

Ogunbanwo told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at the office of the vigilante group, that he planned to use the two skulls for “money rituals for himself.”

He said the skulls were that of a male and female corpse, adding that he had been monitoring the grave of the deceased since last year when they were buried.

Ogunbanwo, a father of three, said he successfully dug the grave and exhumed the skulls since he was one of the grave diggers in the town.

I was able to identify which of the grave is that of a male and female corpse because I am one of the grave diggers in the town.

I was one of those who dug the grave of the deceased from which I exhumed the two skulls.

I wanted to use the skulls for money rituals for myself before I was caught by the vigilante group and I am the only person involved in the business,’’ the herbalist told NAN.

Mr Yemi Odukoya, Zonal Secretary, Ogun State Vigilante group, said the herbalist was arrested following a tip-off.

Odukoya said one of the children of the herbalist called Johnson saw the skulls in his father`s room and informed his friend.

According to Odukoya, Johnson`s friend informed his father who alerted the vigilante group.

Odukoya said the herbalist would be handed over to the police for necessary action.

He appealed to residents of Ijebu-Ode and its environs to always give the vigilante group useful information that would assist them in fighting crime in the town.

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Herbalist Arrested With Human Skulls in Ijebu-Ode

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