My husband beat my mother, hit my head on the pavement, broke 2 of my teeth —Wife

My husband has no shame. My parents feed our children and pay our house rent. All he does is to get drunk. When he is drunk, he turns me into a punching bag. He would beat me till I would almost lost consciousness. The last time he beat me, he broke two of my teeth.

“He will kill me if I continue to stay under the same roof with him. I pray the court to put an end to our marriage.”

Rashidat had brought a divorce suit against her husband, Jimoh Hameed, at Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, accusing him of being irresponsible and a drunk. She added that he beat her always.

She thus prayed the court to terminate their marriage and grant her custody of their two children.

“My husband refused to carry out his duties from the outset of our marriage. He refused to give me money to buy the necessary things for our first child seven months into the pregnancy. It was my parents who bailed us out.

“His complaint had always been paucity of fund. My parents again took up the responsibility of paying our house rent when our landlord threatened to throw us of his house for owing rent.

“He does not show concern about my welfare and that of our children. I feed the family from the little gain I make from my business. This gradually took its toll on the business. I later decided to borrow some amount to sustain it.

“I found it difficult paying back my debt and my creditor kept harassing me. She reported me to my husband who told her I couldn’t be trusted with money.

“He accused me of soiling his name by not paying back my debt and descended on me with heavy blows not minding that I was carrying our baby. He almost snuffed life out of me,” she stated.

“My husband spends all his income on alcohol and he is in the habit of drinking himself to stupor. Any time we have an argument, he would beat me and threaten to stab me. I left for my parents’ house in 2015 when I realised that I was no longer safe with him.

“He came back this year apologising and pleading that I should come back home with him, but I refused.

“He kept coming to my parents’ place under the pretext that he wanted to see our children. I gave him access to the children and he started visiting them on a regular basis.

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