I Caught My Father Sleeping With My Wife,I Feel Helpless – I Need Advice

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Ironically this happened a day after she told me that she was carrying my baby. The strange thing is that my father and wife are behaving as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. My father simply got up from my matrimonial bed and ordered me to follow him.

In my living room, he gave me a cheque of N25m to buy myself a car of my choice while my wife went into the kitchen to prepare dinner. The whole thing appeared to be like a movie as I looked from my father to my wife. A presence more powerful than me held me down, preventing me from going after either my father or wife.

I eventually summoned the courage to move and found myself going towards my mother’s apartment. When I got there and narrated the whole incident to her, she begged me not to fight or say anything about it to anybody. My elder brother who came into my mother’s apartment while I was narrating the incident, laughed and patted me on my shoulders without saying anything.

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My immediate elder sister, who has refused to come back to Nigeria from London since she left eight years ago, wasn’t surprised by my story. She only told me to take things easy and not try to make trouble with my wife if I valued my life. I am the last born of three children and the favorite of my father in particular. That night, my mother came into our apartment to take my wife with her. I didn’t sleep throughout the night wondering what strange things were going on in my family.

The next day as early as 6a.m., my father came over to my apartment to more or less warn me about trying to make trouble. He told me what I witnessed was beyond me and that it would continue to be the pattern until he got tired. After he left, I ran to my friend’s place who in turn took me to Epe to consult with a spiritualist. Without much ado, the spiritualist, told me that I will learn to live with the situation else I would become insane if I try to challenge my father.

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He said, not even my mother can challenge my father. He said, my father has gone too far to change and that things have been damaged beyond repairs in the things he has done to us; that it would take the grace of God for my siblings and I to overcome the spiritual problems my father in his quest for power, money and fame has done. He too advised me to continue to tolerate the situation by accepting to live with my wife who he said, was brought into my life by my father for his purpose.

Two days after our visit, the friend that took me is critically ill in the hospital. doctors are yet to say what precisely is wrong with him. I don’t need anybody to tell me where the attack is coming from. This has made me very determined to fight my father to a standstill.

I want to confront and expose him for all his friends and associates to know who he really is. I am yet to return home after that day. At night I keep seeing my father in my dream telling me to come home for my own good. My mother and elder brother have been relentless on the phone urging me to come back home.

We all live within the massive family compound which is actually a mini estate as all our domestic employees with their family live within the compound. My father doesn’t allow anyone working for him in the house to live outside the premises. He insists on it and has a school bus that takes all the children of his staff to and from school, my mother runs.

Please help me as I am so confused. I feel sorry for everybody in that house. How do I challenge my father and still be alive to tell my story. I feel so helpless and lost. Do save me.

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  1. Too bad i must say! It’s needless saying that your father is diabolical. It’s also obvious that he wields enormous power on you. Exposing him to his friends maybe be signing your death warrant as they may also know him well. My advice is that you first of all take your ‘wife’ for deliverance. After that she may be able to give you some of your dad’s secret and then you can hold on something to fight him.

  2. Join the lords chosen charismatic revival ministry.u nid d power of God 2 deliver u nd ur family 4rm d ocultic kingdom ur father belong 2

  3. U need deliverance. If u can come to Akure ondo state in samson oluwamodede prayer centre church, adofire street idanre road Akure. Pray very well and fast.

  4. The bible says 2 take the goods of a strong man u have 2 first of all bind the strong man.U have 2 surrender ur life 2 GOD cos GOD loves u he gave u d boldness 2 find out wat is happening in ur family cos is u he wants 2 use 2 deliver ur family. U have 2 do it but not physically go 2 GOD in prayers.

  5. This is a spiritual battle therefore you must fight it spiritual with a strong man of God that will give you guide line on how to follow it up. Bible said he that is in God is greater than he that in the world. pls and pls don’t do it physical rather spiritual and you will see how God Almighty will give you victory at the end. most importantly put away fear and see the power of God at work.

  6. Jesus is d answer to every problem, first u have to accept Jesus as ur lord nd personal saviour then believe nd have faith, for d scripture says he dat call upon d name of Jesus will be saved. call on Jesus bro for he will not live u nor forsake u.

  7. Wonder they say shall never end! My brother you have consulted a spiritualist who had told you that all you need to know, that you can not confront or fight your father but rather to continue to live with the trauma, it is a TABOO though;. But please I beg of you allow God to intervene in this matter so try to control your emotion.

  8. T he power of God is greater than man’s own though he is an occultic man but God is greater just try call the Man of God i beliv there will be diff

  9. With God nothing shall be impossible. Lk. 1:37. Trust in Him alone to fight this battle. Attend d Holy Ghost service of RCCG, pray with faith and request to see the General Overseer if need be and the God of heaven will come to ur rescue and deliver ur family from this ERROR in Jesus Name- Amen.

  10. With God nothing shall be impossible. Lk. 1:37. Trust in Him alone to fight this battle. Attend d Holy Ghost service of RCCG, pray with faith and request to see the General Overseer if need be and the God of heaven will come to ur rescue and deliver ur family from this ERROR in Jesus Name- Amen.

  11. My dear, if there is any church in this whole wide world that can help you, is mountain of fire and miracle ministries(mfm). Im sure you are familiar with that name. If you are in lagos, run now to theur head quarters and seek to meet with the G.O, Dr Daniel Olukoya. This ministry wars against principalities and power and are filled with fire. That’s were i too was saved. Pls im begging you, don’t cause any trouble with your wife or dad or family. How are you not sure that this friends of his are not in his carcus, the same cult with him. How dare you fight a diabolic man with diabolic means. It is God alone that can over throw him, if u try it, you are dead. Run fast to mfm. Any mfm around you.

  12. Ask for forgiveness first, fast and pray dat God will direct u on wot to do. It seems dat people are using dis medium to advertised there churches. May God help you.

  13. Power over you, Spiritual my as end that motherfuckers miserable existence the infidel deserves no less. If that my father he be in the ground brother

  14. i think the only way to be safe here is to go to God in prayers and you need a powerful man of God to help,belive in Jesus and you will be saved, the bible said fair not he who can only distroy the body but has no power over the soul, but he who will distroy the body and also have the power to set the soul ablest, he is the God almighty.

I Caught My Father Sleeping With My Wife,I Feel Helpless – I Need Advice

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