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I Fondled my landlord’s daughter’s breasts, She didn’t complain. Should I have sex with her?


Dear MJ.

I fondled my landlord’s daughter’s breasts but she never complainedMy landlord’s daughter loves spending her spare time with me in my room, as she will be playing with my laptop. I’m 24 years old and she is 17 years old. She goes for some evening studies and returns home at about 8pm. That’s when she nornmally pays me a visit in my room so that she can go online with my laptop.

My Wife Caught Me When I was about to Have Sex with my Neighbour – What can I do?

Her parents at times applause me for providing internet access to their daughter so that she can download her notes online. Yesterday I fondled her breasts thinking she would freak out but to my surprise she never complained. Should I have sex with her or not, because I’m really getting so tempted.

Should I have sex with her ?

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  1. Hero’s Extra

    sex is not what u should think of now mike all u have to do is to build up a relationship with her were both of u understand each other, if u have sex with her and she become pregant what will u do?*** so be wise my dear!!

  2. El Mechis

    She may not even like it. She just kept quiet because she uses your laptop.Don’t introduce her to something bad at this age. Help build her life first. Don’t go further or you might loose her.

  3. Gem

    My dear! from your story you never mentioned you love this girl, all you talked about was that you fondled with her breasts, she did not complain and now you are tempted to have sex with her. if you have sex with her and she becomes pregnant are you both ready to becomes parents at this age you are? what about her parents, do you think they will be happy with you? my suggestion is that you let go of having sex until both of you are really ready to shoulder the consequences of having sex! ” marriage”. stay bless as you take the wise decisions.


    Are you a christian? I am sure you are. And I am happy you asked. Solomon said wisdom does lie in the multitude of many counselors. I will advice you to avoid this worldwide sin of fornication and be certain of a heavenly blessing. Because any good thing done has its reward. Someone’s daughter is vulnerably at your disposal and the devil is tempting you, shame him and do not sleep with her like Joseph when presented with the same opportunity. To avoid sleeping with her, from now since she really needs your laptop, when she comes to you for the laptop she must no more use it in your room. she must now use it downstairs or somewhere possible. but not in your room. Don’t u ever be with her alone in your room again. There must always be somebody where the two of you are together. Or if you cant remove the laptop from your room, then when she’s using it there you should not be there.
    If you love her, you should do the right thing, but even then plz avoid sex before marriage. if you know you wont be able to do that, then dont engage in the relationship now. you can let her know of your intention and speak with her parents and explain to them how you love their daughter and would wish to marry her someday but for now, you will take things easy or rather you are not going to bother her with it now until she matures and probably finish her high/middle school. but do keep in touch. you can be together in public places of course. just please avoid this worldwide sin. That way you don’t keep an intimate relationship for too long and end up doing the wrong things.

    God will bless u richly if you do things according to his word.

  5. niggadeo

    dis ‘re evil temptatns comin ur way,devil wnts 2 distroy u wif just little sweetnes…..i fink u nid 2 giv ur life totaly 2 GOD…….seek him @dis ur youthful age………..nd he’l mak fin’s even beta dan dat 4u in d future……Pls dnt fondle her again,treat her just lik ur sista……..just try nd face ur primary objectiv 1st***……..nd i bliv al shal B wel wif u.

  6. Philomena

    Mr mike at first that was wrong of you to have done,i pray God have mercy upon you,what if ur ur younger sister was in that same shoes what would you do if u find out,u fondled her brest and she did not talk take it from me its because she respects u mr mike pls dont defile ur landlords daughter.GOD BLESS YOU.

  7. brianna

    the girl is 17 are u dumb shes young your 24 a big man you should know better than that go get a woman more your age stop fiddling with a young teenager shes vulnerable thats how teenagers are you should be advising her to focus on her work not men . if u sleep with her and her parents find out she could lie and say you raped her hen thats your life finished locked up in jail instead of sitting on your laptop why dont u go out like a normal 24 year old man and find a woman not a young teenage girl !

  8. esther solu

    Don’t even try such thing, na wa for you o.

  9. kingsley

    don’t sleep with her, d reason she didnt react when u fondle her is bcos she uses ur laptop guy if u love her tel her and also let her parent knw abt it

  10. Burts

    I think u are mad , y do you want to use her becos of her using ur laptop

  11. chime

    @ commenters – u all are pretenders…


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