I Slept With My Sister’s Husband, How Do I Tell Her – I Need Help

I slept with my sisters husband

Dear MJ Family,

I love her with all my heart and we have been through so much together. The last thing I would ever do is hurt her intentionally.

Over the festive season, we all went to a party together with other friends. I got very drunk and ended up having s33x with my sister’s husband.

Since then my world has come crashing down. He is demanding that I continue doing it with him or he will tell my sister.

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I am so ashamed of myself and so scared. I cannot sleep or eat. I cannot tell my sister because she will never speak to me again and neither will the rest of my family and our friends. Everyone will be so disappointed with me.

I feel that the only solution is to kill myself because if I tell the truth I will lose everyone I love. My life will not be worth living.

What do I do?


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  1. Stephanie

    Dere comes a stage in our life when we make mistake, but the ablity to conquer and face our fears makes our life move on. it is better u let your sister hears from you first before her husband tells her. Face your fears and tell her every thing, as for the man, dont make another mistaken.

  2. Chukwuma kizzito

    Relax dont kill ur self just go and tell ur pastor or a man of God so he will pray 4 u but dont end up having sex wit him o since u no 1 tell anybody y u com dey tell us 4 here nah u fucked up infact i dont even knw wat 2 say just sowi 4 ur self women must u committe scandal men self nawa una

  3. uche

    Dnt kill ur self dear, the best thing to be is to tell ur sister before her husband tells her,that man is evil and he want to blackmail you so take a bold step. Your sister might not even be mad as you think okay.   

  4. mami coco

    well sorry but i dont think u loved ur sister enough  because when u do u don’t sleep with their husbands.  how did u two even start? u two are as bad as each other but u are worst because sisters dont sleep with the other ones husband sorry but that’s the truth if i were her i will never trust u again around me

  5. Balqis

    But alas something shld av bn fishing between both of u before u end up having sex wit him….that is d reward of drinking…. Its alraight my dear, d deed has bn done and d ink is dry! Killing urself wldnt solve d problem rather, it wld worsen it. If u shld commit suicide, u would account for dat b4 God and secondly if ur sista eventually finds out, she wld neva forgive u but der is hope of forgivness and a beta life if u open up to her b4 her husband lies to her….dat is men 4u! Infact i dont think dat man dsavs ur sista, he is an animal in men’s wear…..such is life, d more we live, d more we learn

  6. Evelyn

    I wld poison my self if i were u. Just joking but summon d courage and tell her b4 dat hegoat does cos he will definitely claim dat u seduced him. So tell her every single truth. God b wit u as u do.

    1. uba c.

      My dear i’m so ashamed to hear your story about sleeping with your sister husband. First of all,u guys have been having d feelings together. Bcos without it there’s no how you’ll do that to your own sister. Believe me dats why u went to their house to stay with them in order to achieve your goal. Because you wanted to eat the cake and you have tasted it.

  7. deborah

    dnt worry it’s d work of devil.he happen wit mannnny people and u are nt d frist and d last;jst tell her and as her 2 forgive 4 word u have donnnw ok

  8. roland

    face our fears makes our life move on. it is better u let your sister hears from you first before her husband tells her. Face your fears and tell her every thing, as for the man, dont make another mistaken.

  9. oge david oge

    pls u are bad naturally do’nt u know that ur in-law is like a father, next time u may sleep with Dog bc u do nt have shame. pls leave ur sister’s house before u snatch her husband

  10. Oluchi Sylvia

    Dear killing urself is not the best solution just confess ur sins to God ask for his forgiveness let him to speak to the heart of ur sister and people to forgive u and he will surely do that provided u have repented geniuely

  11. Oriyomi Olusanya

    Babie girl you need not kill yourself. God has already forgiven you, do not make him let you sin the second time. Just tell your sis and let the devil in him be put to shame. Stay blessed.

  12. aisha

    Your sisters husband is just scaring you off..but he cannot tell your sister he slept with You let alone another woman…dont make a mistake of repating yourself coz the next time will you be drunk also?????

  13. happy

    hey dear, what is there to kill your self about, it happens every where so i think there is no need taking the life of a caged lion. what i see there is that the devil is at work, and in case you do not know, that was the battle of the flesh and i bet every one of you that it will happen to anybody when it will happen, that’s why we all need to be prayerful against such things and more. so my dear just go on and tell your sister i believe God will help you

  14. K. Benet

    No need to tell her sweedy, just keep it to yourself and promise yourself it is not going to happen again. as for the man don’t give a fuck to his request because he can never tell the wife because you didn’t force her to have sex with you and even if he loves your sister that much he wouldn’t even think of sex with you so in the first place don’t subject to his desire to have sex with you again and don’t tell your sister too. keep it a secrete and pray to God for Forgiveness. again Promise yourself it won’t happen again because it is painful to be rejected by friends and family. never pend on the man’s request anymore. he can’t even tell the wife

    1. Ifejesu

      “Keep it to your self and ask God for forgiveness”, K. Benet, what exactly do you take God for. Anyone who hides his/her sins will be condemned

  15. fwenxee

    comfront your fears talk to sister,she may be mad at you,but the pain will ill.

  16. Ekua Apau

    people easily judge others. it can happen to any1. u will neva feel how she feels until it happens to u. our God is a merciful God, talk to Him. then go to ur parents n tell them. then they can tk u to ur sists to ask for forgiveness. dnt try to sleep with him again.

  17. richard

    don’t  kill  yourself   what  you  will  do  is  this.  when  your  sister  hear  the  story  you  have  to  strongly  deny  it  and  you  must  say  that  you  don’t  know  anything  related  to  that  story,  and  when  he  presses  you  you  must  say  that   may  be  he  raped  you   when  you  were  drunk  but   you  must  strongly  deny  that  issue,  what  you have  to  know   is  that   killing   yourself  is  not   the  solution   after  that you  must  pray  to  god  that  he  forgives  you

  18. Joshua

    Don’t kill your self but ask God for forgiveness,because He’s the final person!


    please dont kill ur self look for forgiveness

  20. tim

    in our language (East african) we have a saying that a drunk man/ woman cannot skin and eat a dead dog (eating a dog is a taboo). That said, drunkness isnt excuse for sleeping with your sisters husband. You to had feelings for him. In our culture it is not a Taboo. Actually you are called his wife.However, do not depair but try to move on. Two wrongs will never make a right. So stop having sex with him riight away

  21. Tabi Julius

    Never kill yourself, you have no authority over life. Seek help from a professionally trained Pastoral Counselor. You are precious to God and he still needs you in mistakes. He only needs you to come to him in repentance, he will forgive.

  22. Omang Rose

    Sleepin wit ur sister husband is a mistake,wen he comes bck 2 ask u 2 sleep wit him again, tell him 2 go n tell ur sister i promise u he can’t do it.

  23. don esa

    hmmmm this is very bad but  there  is no smoke without fire i gust there have been several advances that led into that but it has happen already  try and consult respectful person to talk to her on your behave and everything will be fine.. 

  24. Mahmoud Idris Muhammad

    Don’t attempt to kill yourself, just pretend as if nothing ever happen between you and him, tell your Sister that her Husband is trying to have affairs with you, she should warn him not to come closer to me, otherwise i will give him a serious surprise which he will never forget in his life.

  25. kusi gyamfi

    why do u even have to tell her when u no what can happen after that

  26. DE ONE

    The earlier the better. You dont have to commit any atrocity simply because u slept with your sister husband. Just be bond enough to show sympathy of what you did and ask her for forgiveness. its left for her to understand or not but the fact remains that youve made your confession. So just carry on with your life.

  27. osondu

    I will like to have your contact inorder to help whichever way I can. pls send me your contact.

  28. Damilola sobowale

    U jst nid 2 relax dnt hurt ur self,and go and tel ur sister b4 her husband tel him.

  29. Jose

    Only One Word To Ruin Ua Dear Life,one Name To Set U Free,Christ,face And Tel Him The Secrets Of Ua Hat.It Takes A Strong Hat To Prosper.The Sin Is Already Commited,suicide Is No Option,take It To Christ And Open Up To Ua Siz.In Christ Everithing Is At Peace.Caution:repeat It No more.Blessings.

  30. Cherry kissis

    Don’t worry my dear because when your sister finds out she’s going to kill you herself

  31. okoye

    just ignore ur sister’s husband. he wont dare tell her because he stand a chance of losing ur sister’s love too. he is just trying to blackmail and dont fall for his tricks. the lord is ur strenght.

  32. anniepee

    firstly pray 4 forgiveness, then ask God’s derection of how u will go about it .


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