I Slept With My Sister’s Husband, How Do I Tell Her – I Need Help

I slept with my sisters husband

Dear MJ Family,

I love her with all my heart and we have been through so much together. The last thing I would ever do is hurt her intentionally.

Over the festive season, we all went to a party together with other friends. I got very drunk and ended up having s33x with my sister’s husband.

Since then my world has come crashing down. He is demanding that I continue doing it with him or he will tell my sister.

I want to Marry My Mother, She’s 6 months pregnant for me – Farai Mbereko

I am so ashamed of myself and so scared. I cannot sleep or eat. I cannot tell my sister because she will never speak to me again and neither will the rest of my family and our friends. Everyone will be so disappointed with me.

I feel that the only solution is to kill myself because if I tell the truth I will lose everyone I love. My life will not be worth living.

What do I do?


  1. Stephanie
  2. Chukwuma kizzito
  3. uche
  4. mami coco
  5. Balqis
  6. Evelyn
    • uba c.
  7. deborah
  8. oge david oge
  9. Oluchi Sylvia
  10. Oriyomi Olusanya
  11. happy
  12. K. Benet
    • Ifejesu
  13. fwenxee
  14. Ekua Apau
  15. richard
  16. Joshua
  18. tim
  19. Tabi Julius
  20. Omang Rose
  21. don esa
  22. Mahmoud Idris Muhammad
  23. kusi gyamfi
  24. DE ONE
  25. Damilola sobowale
  26. Jose
  27. Cherry kissis
  28. okoye
  29. anniepee
  30. Taytay

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