I’m In Love With My 42-Year-Old Married Neighbour – Help Please

young black sad maleI’m in love with a beautiful woman and she feels the same about me, but she’s twice my age and lives right next door with her husband and son.

I’m 21 and she’s 42. I met her the day I moved back from uni. I haven’t found work so I’ve ended up back with my parents. It’s not what I planned but it’s cheap.

I was off to the shops when she stopped at her gate and said, “Hi.” My parents had said I was moving back home so she knew who I was. We chatted a while and we clicked straight away. She’s small and sweet with nice eyes and a body I wanted to wrap myself round from the start.

She said she looks after the house and her 10-year-old son but she joked that they don’t see too much of his dad. He works long hours in town and likes to spend weekends shut up in his study or out playing golf. It didn’t sound much of a marriage to me.

I came home one day to find her outside her house in the rain, while she searched through her handbag again and again for her key. My parents were both out at work so of course I invited her in.

I made her some tea and we sat on the sofa and talked. She told me her husband ignores her and she said that she’d leave if she could.

She looked really sad and I gave her a hug. It quickly turned into a kiss and then we did it on the floor.

We meet and do it now and then as much as we can. We’re deeply in love but I’m worried that I’ve no home and no money for her and her son.


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