I’m In Love With My 42-Year-Old Married Neighbour – Help Please

young black sad maleI’m in love with a beautiful woman and she feels the same about me, but she’s twice my age and lives right next door with her husband and son.

I’m 21 and she’s 42. I met her the day I moved back from uni. I haven’t found work so I’ve ended up back with my parents. It’s not what I planned but it’s cheap.

I was off to the shops when she stopped at her gate and said, “Hi.” My parents had said I was moving back home so she knew who I was. We chatted a while and we clicked straight away. She’s small and sweet with nice eyes and a body I wanted to wrap myself round from the start.

She said she looks after the house and her 10-year-old son but she joked that they don’t see too much of his dad. He works long hours in town and likes to spend weekends shut up in his study or out playing golf. It didn’t sound much of a marriage to me.

I came home one day to find her outside her house in the rain, while she searched through her handbag again and again for her key. My parents were both out at work so of course I invited her in.

I made her some tea and we sat on the sofa and talked. She told me her husband ignores her and she said that she’d leave if she could.

She looked really sad and I gave her a hug. It quickly turned into a kiss and then we did it on the floor.

We meet and do it now and then as much as we can. We’re deeply in love but I’m worried that I’ve no home and no money for her and her son.

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  1. Obinna augustine

    My man, despite dat u jonesd, u try bt. Had it been your mind woz nt in d woman, u wudnt hv gone dat far. Dat means u hv same feeling as she does. Jst try nd bring urcef out of d mess koz datz nt lov.

  2. Burtons Phiri

    That’s not ok,Move out of that mess, remember she is married. Find your mate.that is sin. that is immoral.If you continue with that you are doomed.

  3. treasurehighlanddd

    My guy u av succeded in bringing a curse upon ur head by sleeping with another man’s wife.
    This is not love; itz LUST….and ur eyes wil soon open.

  4. Jorge

    You desperately need Christ! Confess your Sin of Fornication/Adultery to God & repent genuinely if you want to make heaven. Jesus is coming Soon!!!!!!!!! Do not allow Fornication make you miss heaven!!!!!!!!!

  5. BONY

    Men , don’t think of it anymore , u r young n need to build ur future with a young girl , men this is not for u , plzzzz stop it .. man to man u got to stop .  what if this is done to ur wife behind ur back . grow up , that is no love but lost

  6. Nigga

    I cannot a portion any blame to u my man. There should be enough freedom in this earth for goodness sake. U fancy the beautiful woman & she takes a delight in u, so be it. If she comes around u any day any time, don’t u forget to make her happy vigorously. Afterall U r helping the husband do his work which he should be Greatful & pay u handsomely for a job well done.

  7. Iwobi

    My broda take my advice u really nd GOD’S intervention in ur life  cos ur on d waste line assuming dat man finds out becos he will u will be like yesterday pls tink of ur parents if notin else n there many women ur size waitin. Frm a caring moda


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