Is your Man Single – How To Tell If A Guy Is Single

does he really like youDon’t think because your man is not wearing a ring means he’s single. Most married men these days don’t like to wear their wedding ring.

Here’s  seven definite ways to tell if your man who you love so much is single.

  •   He’s not secretive. He is open to your questions and can talk about his private issues without a fuss.
  •  He takes you around family and friends. Most men love to show off their ladies to their friends and family.
  •  He spends quality time with you. You have free access to his house and maybe a key to his bedroom.
  •  You call him and he picks right away. You can call him at anytime of the day including at night.
  • He is always eating out unless you are cooking for him.
  • You are not getting calls from a strange lady  asking you to leave her man
  •  Well, the best way to know if he’s single is to just ask him.

If you can think of any more signs, please let us know in the comment section below.

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Is your Man Single – How To Tell If A Guy Is Single

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