After Losing His Fiancée In A Deadly Car Crash, Dad Discovers The Shocking Reason Why He Cannot Take Their Newborn Home

He can’t even name the baby.
After losing his fiancée in a deadly car crash, a man in Texas is fighting for the right to take their baby girl home.

As FOX 11 reports, when Heather Trimble was killed in a car crash on June 6, she was 8 months pregnant with her second child.

The horrific accident killed Trimble and her parents, but before Trimble died she gave birth to a baby girl.

James Gardner, Trimble’s fiancé, has stayed by his daughter’s side ever since she arrived a month early, but he is not her legal father.


According to reports, Trimble was technically still married to her estranged husband, with whom she shares a 4-year-old daughter, at the time of her death.

“When I went to Heather’s bedside, it was nothing but sorrow and pain,” he recalled. “And then when I went to the nursery, it was joy and happiness.”

Shortly after Gardner named the baby girl Hadley (the name her mother had allegedly chosen), he learned that he would not be allowed to take his daughter home. continue on the next page

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