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Man Killed 15 years Son For Molesting 3 years old Baby Sister

A 37-year-old father irate over hearing his 15-year-old son had sexual contact with a three-year-old girl made the teen strip at gunpoint, marched him to a vacant lot and shot him to death despite pleas from the boy and his mother, a relative said.

Michigan authorities filed a first-degree murder charge Wednesday against Jamar Pinkney Sr. in the shooting death Monday of Jamar Pinkney Jr. in the Detroit enclave of Highland Park.

Defense attorney Corbett O’Meara said prosecutors should consider evidence of the father’s state of mind over the sex abuse report.

“If something were to happen that would cause a reasonable person to lose control of himself, that is something the prosecution would have to take into account,” O’Meara said outside Highland Park District Court.

Tensions were high in the courtroom Wednesday as the handcuffed suspect was led into the room for the arraignment, which lasted less than a minute.

Judge Brigette Officer entered a not guilty plea for Pinkney, who’s also charged with assault, and ordered him jailed without bond until a preliminary examination Dec. 1.

The boy’s mother, Lazette Cherry, told The Detroit Free Press that her son told her he had improper sexual contact with the girl.

“I called and told his father. This isn’t something you sweep under the rug,” she said.

Cherry said the elder Pinkney arrived at the home with a gun, ordered his son to strip and marched him outside despite her protests.

“He got on his knees and begged, ‘No, Daddy, No,’ and he pulled the trigger,” Cherry said.


Last week, in a Detroit courtroom, Jamar Pinkney, Sr. was found guilty of executing his fifteen-year-old son, Jamar Pinkney, Jr. The 38-year-old father was sentenced to 37-82 years in prison and will be 75 years old at his earliest possible release from prison. His story is one of the many tragic stories of life on the wilding streets of Detroit.

And I’m the only person I know of (other than his attorney) to defend him. But I think he got a raw deal. Sadly, the Detroit mainstream media all editorialized against him in their coverage of the story.

You see, Pinkney’s son, Jamar Jr. raped his three-year-old sister. And while I don’t condone executions for rape, we know that those who rape kids will do it over and over, again and again. There is no cure, and all the counseling in the world doesn’t cure child molesters of their sickness. A fifteen-year-old boy is old enough to know that raping anyone–especially a three year old child who happens to be your sister–is wrong. In most jurisdictions, a 15-year-old is tried as an adult for such crimes.

And at age 15, this kid’s warped, perverted behavior was likely a preview of his lifelong conduct, had he lived beyond that day. Via his execution, how many girls’ lives of pain, humiliation and lifelong mental problems from child-rape were spared? Quite a few, I’ll bet.

Man Killed 15 years Son For Molesting 3 years old Baby Sister


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  1. Egor Efiok

    I agree with you a million percent!!! I’d rather him than more innocent children being abused in future. I’m sorry if i sound horrible, but i mean it from the bottom of my heart when i say that ALL PAEDOPHILES SHOULD BE EXECUTED!!! It is our job as adults to protect children and when that trust is broken, those children can be scarred for life and even turn to a life of crime. Good riddance to bad rubbish!!!

  2. Sandy

    I understand that what he did was wrong but, what really led to this kind of behaviour? Did his parents have sex in front of him? Did they ensure he was not watching porn? Why couldn’t he be spoken to? Brought to church to be prayed for? killed??????????? that is your son, no matter what! where is the love?????? 


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