My Boyfriend doesn’t Have Money & I Need A Man With Money – Should I Dump Him?

I need money

Dear MJ Fam,

I need to know if love can survive without money because in my situation I do not think so. I have a boyfriend that I love and he loves me too but he is broke and really jealous and possessive. We have been dating for almost two years now and I have been faithful and honest.

The problem here is that my sponsors who help out with my education are no longer helping out as they used to and I have so many needs for money especially…continue reading below..

My textbooks and other essentials which I can’t readily get anymore and my boyfriend, being broke cannot help out either. He is yet to get a job and I am getting really sick and tired because I need money FAAAAST!

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I met someone else who can actually assist me because he is financially stable but I am reluctant in accepting his proposal of a relationship because of my current relationship.

Should I break up with my boyfriend? I know it would hurt him but I really can’t keep up with all these problems anymore. Please sincere advice.

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  1. my dear hmmmmm this is a hard one oh. But honestly my advice is to play safe. you can hang on with your old bpyfriend, and still allow the rich one help you out with your finacial needs. really you need to play safe. dont quit the the other guy. just hang on.

  2. dump am naah… any show you gun?? no be money you dey find… don’t worry, there be a big fire very soon… pray you don’t get caught in it!! lolz

  3. My advise is just pray about it and let God show you the way cox relying on your instinct and ability about this issue may end causing further problem in future. Like i said once more, God will lead u right. It’s well

  4. Well my own advise is to just play safe and don’t ever think of breaking up with your bf because money cant buy happiness and love if you really have a true love for him am sure you will say this but i do not say you don’t love him but there is different between true love and love so be careful because true love come but once .

  5. My advice to you is that u should dump ur normal boyfriend because he is financial down tell him what u wanna do, to help yourself if he insist there we be a solution cos he we look’s for the money for u anyway,cos if u dump him right now because of financial down if u see him today you we regret it, that’s my advice for u

  6. My dear I also hrd sam issue, bt I make my guy 2 knw abt hw I feel. Truly his broke.. So I played cool. I hrd help 4rm alders n I was sill wit him…nw we abt 2 get married… My daer u dnt nid 2 quit ur Love 4 money cuz money can’t buy love! Think wise!

My Boyfriend doesn’t Have Money & I Need A Man With Money – Should I Dump Him?

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