“My Boyfriend Receives N500k From Me, Has He Duped Me?” – Advice

Hello fellow readers, pls advise needed on this issue.

My bf and I have been together for a while now and planning on having our marriage introduction by November and marriage proper early next year.

Im an independent woman with a gud job. As a matter of fact, ive never made any financial request from this guy though he buys gift for me without requesting. He is doing well financially too, he runs a recycling factory while I work with a manufacturing company.

Things are working well between us since the relationship started untill recently when we had some business deals together ( my opinion though) cos I don’t understand him anymore. He was broke at that time and needed to get some materials which he never budgeted for. He requested that I invest in his company by paying for those materials since they’re coming cheap and he doesn’t have enough to get them at that time and wouldn’t want to loose the opportunity. I consented to the idea cos I knew he’s business was very lucrative and that I’ll get my money back with interest. He promised to be paying me a weekly dividend so I thought of giving 1 million naira. I made an instant transfer of 500k to his account as dts the maximum I can do daily without a token and I wasn’t with it then.

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