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My Husband Is Too Possessive, What Should I do?

my husband is too possessive

Dear NJ,

I am married and i have two children with my husband. However, sometimes he claims he is not sure the children are his. I cannot talk to anyone of the opposite s*x whether on phone or face-to-face. Whenever I forget my phone at home, he checks the numbers I dialled and my messages.

I have never accused him of being unfaithful even when he returns home late, because I trust him. My husband, on the other hand, does not trust me, especially when I am in the company of a man, regardless of whether it is his father, relatives, friends and my workmates. Is this behaviour normal? What should I do?

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  1. Onuorah maureen

    My dear i hv leant that prayer is d key.no amount of advise cn ever solve ur problem espect prayer and focus to God Almighty. Pray! Pray!! Pray harder and God wil see u thru.AMEN


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