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Nigerian Dailies Crime Recap – A teenager who claimed that she had 24 boyfriends committed suicide in Pamula East Suburb. The reason she committed suicide was because one of her lovers had jilted her. Now, the family of the girl who committed suicide is demanding US$2800 from the lover who left her.

The teenager wrote a letter before she killed herself stating the reason she choose to commit suicide as the Nigerian Dailies reported. She stated in her suicide note that she loved the boy who jilted her more than her other lovers. Being that she could not get him back, decided to commit suicide.

Havoc broke out following the alleged killing of two brothers by a Nigerian policeman over a bribe of N20 which was reported by the Nigerian Dailies. A witness at the scene of the crime said that the policeman had demanded bribe from one of the brothers who was an Okada rider.

nigerian dailies

Nigerian Dailies

The young ladies, Rosemary Chakwizira, Sophie Nhokwara and Netsai Nhokwara are currently detained at the police station for allegedly kidnapping and raping men at gun point. The Nigerian Dailies said that not only did they kidnap and rape, they also collected their semen. They would hang out around bars and look for unsuspecting men who had no means of transportation. They had confessed to raping 124 men in the span of 11 days.

The Nigerian Dailies reported that 27 years old decided to cut of the arms of his 3 weeks old brother because he was angry about some incident that happened outside before he arrived home on that fatal day. Etimbuk, the second child of Enobong Sunday John was barely 3 weeks old when his right hand was chopped off by his  older brother.

A 70 year old man was arrested by the police for defiling an eight years old girl in Lagos. Baba Sunday as he is popularly known is currently been held at the police custody in Ilaje Police Station. The Nigerian Dailies said the suspect paid the sum of N10,000 at the hotel before luring the girl into the hotel room. The managers at the hotel did not suspect any foul play. They presumed that it was the child of Baba Sunday.

The Nigerian Dailies reports that a newborn baby girl barely 48 hours old was found buried alive by a farm at the Madhya Pradesh’s Bodna Village in India. The farmer rushed the newborn to the local hospital were she is receiving treatment.

Wonders will never end. Mrs Ifeoma Egeonu, a pregnant mother of two, who was set ablaze by her husband Mr Alexander Ndubuisi Egeonu has expressed her feeling towards forgiving her husband. She said that she was ready to forgive her husband. Her husband at this time is currently on the run, the Nigerian Dailies reports.

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