Nigerian Shot Dead by Malaysian Police in Drug Related Incident

In Malaysia, a Nigerian man was arrested on suspicion of being a drug mule. The man was reported to have been tied down to a bed in the hospital as the police waited for him to excrete the drug capsules out.

According to news from Malaysia, the man somehow managed to free himself from being tied down (even though he was supposedly being monitored by a policeman) and was about to lunge at the policeman when he (the policeman) fired three shots in self-defense, instantly killing him.

Police said the suspect had armed himself with a piece of metal, and have termed the fatal shooting as self-defence.

“The police were forced to shoot the man because he attacked a policeman after running amok at the hospital. He died at the place of incident,”

We still find it very suspicious that a man tied to a bed – which is inappropriate – and was being monitored by a policeman was able to free himself and lunge at the policeman.

We hope that the Nigerian Government would take up this case, because they can’t watch arms folded as Nigerian citizens are being murdered by crazy and cheap countries like Malaysia and the like.

Nigerian Shot Dead by Malaysian Police


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