Nigerians Kidnapping Fellow Nigerians in Malaysia For Rituals

This may not be the kind of breaking news that Nigerians may like to hear but the word is out that Nigerians in Malaysia have exported the art of kidnapping to that country

A Nigerian of Rivers extraction just back from that country said that most persons sent abroad to study are becoming part of cults that are engaging in the illicit trade of kidnapping defenseless and unsuspecting persons.

The source disclosed that mysterious killings for ritual purposes are also being stepped up by desperate Nigerians who want to get rich quick.

We have learn’t so far, what exists is black-on-black kidnapping, but most of it is targeted at children of well-to-do families that are studying in that Asian country.

Malaysian law prescribes punitive terms including death for drug pushers, the telegraph said. Kidnaping is a new phenomenon in Malaysia and the authorities are yet to respond to the threat.

Nigerians Kidnapping Fellow Nigerians in Malaysia For Rituals

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