Nollywood Actress, Funmi Liverpool Is Dead

The Yoruba sector of movie industry has lost another actress to the cold hands of death.The actress in question is popularly known as Funmi Liverpool,who belonged to the Legacy caucus during her lifetime.

Commenting on the tragedy of losing a promising actress,top actress Opeyemi Olusanya a member of the same caucus noted that one thing that really hurt her about the actress death was the string of calamity that trailed her shortly before her death. She added that not too long before her death,the actress had lost one of her children.

What is behind the Sudden death of Most Nollywood Actors & Actresses

“ We just lost another young up and coming actress in the movie industry (Funmi Liverpool of Legacy caucus).She was sick for a while but was snatched away from us by death after taking one of her kids away not too long ago.”

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Funmi Liverpool of Legacy caucus


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Nollywood Actress, Funmi Liverpool Is Dead

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