The Last Time I Had S3x Was 30Years Ago – Yoruba Actress Iya Rainbow

idowu philips iya rainbowMadam Idowu Philips needs little or no introduction at all. The ageless veteran actress who has been acting for almost two scores recently revealed that the last time she ever had s33x was about 30 years ago when she lost her husband to the cold hands of death.

When it comes to acting in Nigeria, no doubt, Iya Rainbow knows her onions as she has acted in several Yoruba movies and soaps on television. She has won local and international awards that are too numerous to mention.Iya Rainbow recently clocked 70 years, an age a lot of people pray to attain before they say good bye to this sinful world.

Though, Iya Rainbow said she’s fulfilled in life as a m other and a notable person in the society, however, she still misses that presence of her husband, Mr. Philip who she lost 15 years after their marriage.

According to Iya Rainbow, her late husband was very caring and supportive before he passed on 1984. For the past 30 years, I have not had s3x, I can’t do it again till I die She said.

I have been the only one carrying the burden alone. He treated me like egg for the few years that we were together, most especially when I was pregnant.

He will go to the market, buy things, cook for me and take care of the house. He spoilt me silly. Which man will do that for me again? At times, I look at marriages and broken homes and I wonder what really went wrong” Iya Rainbow said.

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The Last Time I Had S3x Was 30Years Ago – Yoruba Actress Iya Rainbow

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