Photo: Baby Girl Born without Arms and Legs in Bauchi

 baby girl without arms and legs  A baby girl without arms and legs has been born in Dunomari in Sakwa village of Zaki Local Government Area of Bauchi State. The strange baby, which was born to Ahmadu Didda, a peasant farmer from Dunomari village and his wife, Rukaiyya on January 13 came without both arms and legs. The father of the baby named Fatima said the family was grateful to God for giving them the child describing her as beautiful.

Ahmadu said Fatima who was born at home in Sandigalua village in Zaki Local Government Area and the mother were both healthy. The couple made a passionate appeal to both government and well-meaning individuals to come to their aid to care for the child.

He said, “this is a gift from God but it won’t be easy for us to raise Fatima because without legs and hands, she needs special care and attention. We feel sorry for her but with the assistance from government and individuals I know that she will live a good life.”

In a special appeal, Chairman of Disabled in Sakwa, Abdullahi Gindi, who is blind, said it was the duty of society to ensure that Fatima was not discriminated against as a result of her condition.

“She needs to be assisted. We are grateful that she was born a healthy child. She sucks normally and so we need to protect her. But her parents are poor that is why we are calling for assistance so that Fatima would live.”


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  1. Oh!my God- ‎​​Am so much in tears and pain for this baby and her parent,and i pray that may God almighty give her and the family strenght and courage to raise her- and may God almighty bless her parent for accepting her like this- may God help them in jesus name-amen-

  2. what a pity!!! poor baby! brought into a world that even able bodied humans find difficult to live in…….and i’m almost 100% sure that the mother did not go to the hospital for antenatal care while she was pregnant and if that is the case the parents have themselves only to blame and will just have to dance to the music they have put on for themselves.this is just typical of nigerians especially in the rural areas.even in this era of practically free antenatal care in all government hospitals nationwide and several jingles on the radio and tv about the importance of antenatal care,u still find a great number of these women not accessing the care available and what we then have is malformed children being born who now become a liability to the family,community and the country as a whole.not to mention the horrible lives these children are forced to live as a result of their parents’ bad health choices.a very preventable tragedy.very very very sad indeed.

Photo: Baby Girl Born without Arms and Legs in Bauchi

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