Photos – Singer Kefee “Branama” Traditional Wedding

kefee wedding
Kefee, after been divorced from Alec Godwin has found a new man in her life. Her new husband Teddy Esosa Don Momoh aka Teddy the Fresh Prince who works as a TV/radio host. The traditional wedding took place in Delta State.

It was rumored that they met while she was in the UK and the relationship blossomed from then on. We wish the couples a happy married life.

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  1. But, i keep wandering why some women will married for the first time n later mary again. Though is gud like tat than to remain un marrie n cont. Following men.

  2. Christian marriage is for better for worse and there is no room 4 a divorce. So, she isnt doing the right thing and in the sight of God, Kefee is still married to Alec.

    1. @IK u r indeed carried away with the lack of understanding the meaning of the scriptures..the bible didn’t condem divorce, it condems the reasons behind it…….so read well, dont die in a bad and unholy marriage ok

    1. Pls study study I say study ur bibles properly before you publicly quote…when you get married n all is not well come out and preach this same message.eventhough am not spporting any divorce or careful not to judge. That’s sin on its own

  3. She should stop singing Christian songs because divorce is not 4rm,if u ar divorce u never to get married again so says d bible

  4. Ebi & Zara read ur bible vry web4 u mislead odas! if it ws d husband dat sought d divorce nko? u wnt her 2now remain unmarried as young as she is? don’t judge!

    1. doris even if his her husband tht divorce her does not mean she should remarry in the book of exodus say tht if a man divorce his woman no man sholud should marry her bck.

  5. in response 2 IK’s mail, l submit dat its always right 2 judge others esp when we don’t hv enough proof/evidences…there ar concessions in divorce too! even tho’ l donsubscribe 2 divorce but there exceptions.

  6. XtainS mariage is 4 beta 4 worse but wen u are seprated 4rm ur wife or husband, u rada remain single or make up wit ur spouse. Maring anoda while ur spouse is alive is RUBBISH

  7. marriage is 4 better 4 worse i hope wen dis man go wrong again u wont leave him n marry another? God is watching us.

  8. Let her live her life is her life nt urs,is divorce the only sin in dis world. u dat is calling urself a christian r u perfect go n judge urself nt others …

  9. Her husband married before her now. So what about that?

    Abeg make una leave the babe alone.

    kefee, stay happy, be happy, be prayerful and be submissive to your husband.

    Remmeber the daughter of whom you are.

  10. Remember her ex- husband alec said she is circumcised and no matter how hard he tried to banged and satisfy her, she was never a sex person and would even ask him to have iextra marital affair. Meanwhile she packed std (virginal scratching disease) from one of her bf while dey were still together. So let’s watch if her new man can satisfy her

  11. kefee u are among those people who preach and sing about christ and christianity.this realy shoes that what u sing about is just to make money,not to pratice it .becase the holy bible say marriage is for better for worst,infact how do u know that the first guy is not the right husband,and let me ask u,how do u know or how are u sure this is the right one,the devil u know is better than the engel u dont know.even look at your father supporting u,i dont blame him because if he dosent support u that means no more shop money because i can see u are the financial source of people.then only the fool will be decived to buy your latest godspol music.that means u have been fucking other dicks secreatly outside your marriage.what a shame.spoit christian.i believe this will not be the last husband becase u are still searching,and with this story,men will not stop chazing u even when they no u are married,because they know even when u are married u still not stop searching for the right husband.tell me how this your present part time husband is going to trust or belive u are not servicing other men outside your marriage.because that was how he also got you.

    1. Carry, you have spoken very well. I wouldn’t have had any concerns about the whole story if not for the affiliation with Christianity and gospel music. I wonder the kind of role models these people will be for the younger ones coming up and looking up to them. Its a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.

      Gospel music is an exalted ministry which people that claim to be into it should let their lifestyles be in harmony with what they sing. They sing to draw people closer to God; but I’m afraid what these people are doing (Kefee and company) has the potential of chasing people away from God!

      Having said that, i believe the most important thing is for people to realize their mistakes and make redress before God and people affected.

    2. Let him that has no so cast the first stone. The Lord hates divorce but what he hates most is couples living without love or unity. The scriptural instruction about divorce is grossly misinterpreted. What the bible really means in 1 Cor 7 is that a woman should not randomly leave her husband and if she does she should remain unmarried. For a woman to leave her husband that means he’s still interested in the union but she has other desires. If that is the case that she leaves a husband who still loves and wants her no matter his offense , she must leave him and stay unmarried. That same verse says the husband should not divorce his wife. My take on this with my understanding of scripture is that as long as a man desires to be with his wife she has to stay with him and if she chooses to leave him then she must remain unmarried. The question is can anyone claim to know the full story to be qualify to judge? Again I say let according to John. 8:7; “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” I rest my case.

  12. Know matter wh at d character of a person is, it can be changed through prayers. No body is 100% good we are working towards perfection, but should try and live a holy live. Sin of d flesh can be control, if u want to truly serve this God. It pays to be pure.

  13. Do u guys realise dat adultry is d one reason given in d bible to divorce your spouse?so if kefee has caught her ex cheating,she has d backin of d word to remarry,vice-visa..m guessing non of us lived wit keffe n alec wen dey were married,so we dnt know d cos of dia divorc excpt d story on paper!…n like my pa always says,if u aint careful,d press wud make u call d bad people good,n d good people bad!

  14. Hey, God reallly hates divorce. Buh he ain’t that wicked to allow the spouses suffer all the hurt and pain of marital unfaithfulness and dats why he permitted divorce on that ground. So if thats the cause of her divorce. She is 100% permitted to marry a better and loving husband(a man after God own heart designed just for her). Even though sheez made mistakes in selecting the right choice before. So stop judging. All u judger’s life or marriage ain’t any better than that of keffee’s.

  15. Say not filthy words with your mouth and you still use it to judge ur careful and leave everything in God’s hand for He knows better and judgement its His and His only.most of us lie,kp malice,fornicate and even commit adultery so why not ask God to forgive you before you start pinpointing other people’s error dat only you can see…

  16. Comment Text* all of u are jobless looking into kefee’s life. whats ur business wether she remarry or not

Photos – Singer Kefee “Branama” Traditional Wedding

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