Why You Shouldn’t Allow Your “List” to Limit You

Let’s confront a very touchy subject in dating & relationships. It is a thorn in the side of many people searching for a serious relationship. I’m taking about: The List.

Definition: “The List” – a carefully constructed outline of the requirements, pre-requisites, and qualifications to be considered in evaluation of a potential suitor.

“The List” is what you use to make decisions about your love life. It’s the litmus test for many second date decisions and perhaps the culprit for keeping some people perpetually single. People use The List to evaluate their love interests or they bypass it in pursuit of passion. If you’re single and waiting on a long term relationship, the question becomes should you have a list or shred the list?

For some, The List is simply a casual point of mental reference. It’s a “nice to have” summary of qualities you desire in a mate, but not a definite must. For a select few, it’s an idealistic wish list for relationships that is not fully expected or required.

But for others, The List is more like a legally binding document for anyone who expresses even has an inkling of romantic interest. These individuals treat The List as a holy grail for relationships that serves as a roadmap for the journey to the altar. For these folks, The List is a mandatory must-have summary of the traits that a suitor must possess before being seriously considered.

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