‘I struggle to feed the home, but he’s asking for more after eating double ration’

A woman, Vilomina Starley has told Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, she’s no more interested in her 25-year-old marriage to her husband, Odeta Starley.

Vilomina alleged that her husband had shirked his responsibility as breadwinner and was in the habit of beating her at any given opportunity.

She, therefore, urged the court to terminate their union and grant her custody of their three children.

The defendant failed to show up in court after being served a court hearing thrice.

The plaintiff told the court while giving her evidence that: “My lord, it’s better to be alone than be married to an irresponsible and shameless man like my husband.

“He reiterates it every now and then that he’s the head of the home, but does nothing to back up his claim.

“I’ve been the one shouldering the responsibility of running the home since we got married 25 years ago.

“He doesn’t know what sacrifice I make in ensuring our belongings are not thrown out by our landlord. I deny myself of many things so as to ensure our rent is paid. He has never made any effort to pay the rent because he believes I will pay it.

“Our children have stopped asking him for their needs because any time they do, he will shout on them and ask them to come to me.

“I feed and clothe the whole family from my little income. He takes a double ration when eating. After eating and belchings, he would then complain that the salt in the soup was not enough or that the fish was small. He’s always asking for more food.

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