Woman arraigned in Court for pouring faeces on Female Banker – Part 2

husband-snatcher  A 28-year-old lady, Miss Folasade Babatunde, was, on Tuesday, arraigned before an Akure magistrate’s court for assault and conduct likely to cause breach of peace after allegedly pouring faeces on the body of her rival.

She, however, pleaded not guilty to the two-count charge preferred against her by the state police command.

The accused had, last week, entered the banking hall of First Bank in Alagbaka, Akure and poured faeces on her rival, Miss Agnes Olaseinde, who worked as a cashier in the bank.

She was said to have entered the Banking Hall with a polythene bag and, on getting to the front of the cashier, removed and emptied the content on her rival.


Lady Pours Faeces on Husband Snatcher in Bank-Part 1


A source in the bank, who narrated how the incident occurred,said Miss Babatunde, who came to Akure from Owo town, went straight to the cashier, Miss Olasehinde, and accused her of snatching her husband in the presence of other bank workers and customers in the banking hall.

The lady immediately opened the polythene bag and before the security guards could stop her, poured the entire content with the offensive odour, on Olasehinde who was attending to customers.

The charge preferred against her by the police prosecutor, Mr Ayodele Atandeyi, read: “That you Babatunde Folasade (F) on the 24 th day of February at about 12:30p.m at First Bank Alagbaka Branch Akure in Akure Magisterial district did conduct yourself in a manner likely to cause breach of peace by bring to the banking hall, a can containing faeces and thereby commit offence punishable under section 249(d) of the criminal code cap 37 vol 1, laws of Ondo State of Nigeria, 2006.”

“That you Babatunde Folasade (F) on the same date, time and place in the above mentioned Magisterial district did unlawfully assaults one Agnes Olaseinde(F) by pouring faeces on her body and thereby committed an offence contrary to and punishable under section 351 of criminal code cap 37 vol 1 laws of Ondo State of Nigeria, 2006”.

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  1. Things like this could ONLY be done by women! I doubt if anyone is surprised at this. An angry woman is a potential terrorist!!! Yes, terrorism is exactly what that woman did! She took the time to gather a bag full of shit, dressed up, transported herself to the bank, walked in, went straight to her “enemy” and lavished her gift on the cashier like they do in an Owambe party. Women and Vengeance!!

  2. Women are full of jealousy. She must hv warned dat lady in question but she kept adamant. She hv 2 b padorned coz she tries to protect her property(her husband) plz let dem amend their issues. Without any punishment by d state court. By Agu kenechukwu jude sunnybobo

  3. You don;t fight the other woman. You fight your husband or just leave him and let him go. If the man wants to go to other women, there is nothing she can do to stop him. If she does not let the man go, she will have to be fighting other women for the rest of her life and one of these days, she will die fighting and the man will continue with his life. Let the other woman fight her back in court. Next time she will not fight in that manner to keep a useless man.

Woman arraigned in Court for pouring faeces on Female Banker – Part 2

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